10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter

56 Meaningful Best 10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter in 2023

Do you think that it’s incredibly tough to pick 10th birthday gifts for your daughter? It’s hard to find the right gift as some girls are still little barbie at this age. She is developing her tastes. She can like educational toys at the same time she can like pink cute stuff. She can be interested in both outdoor games and indoor too. She can like arts and crafts or board games. But you have to choose a gift wisely. 

Pick a gift that will keep her engaged and entertained at the same time it will be interesting for her. You can focus on the hobbies of your daughter. Find her obsession and curiosity. Make her a surprise with the best gift. Shops and stores are full of unique gifts for girls. We have picked our top choices for your daughter as her 10th birthday gift for daughter. If you want that she will feel excited, pick a birthday gift from this list. 

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10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter

[amazon box=”B07KPG7RLY” title=”1. Unicorn Accessories Stuff Set” description=”A set of cute charm bracelets, pendant necklace, keychain, and coin purse. All of the cute accessories must be loved by your daughter. The set is designed with a unicorn theme. As a surprise gift, your daughter will love it. All of the accessories come in cute colors and speaking stone. The stickers are so pretty.”]

[amazon box=”B0759YMGQV” title=”2. Galaxy Fleece Jacket Pullover Hoodies” description=”A hoodie to feel warm with two side pockets perfect for a birthday gift. The jacket is made with thin and warm fabric. The hoodie is perfect for casual wear and holiday wear. The color is attractive and cool. The design is unique and looks dreamy with flashing stars. Your daughter will love the dazzling stars.”]

[amazon box=”B01DCOXPS4″ title=”3. DIY Bracelet Making Kit” description=”Colorful DIY bracelet-making kit with travel-ready design. If your daughter makes a bracelet with this kit, it will be a unique one. The color combination is unique. This kit encourages endless creativity. Your daughter can make anklets, necklaces, headbands, and friendship-themed bracelet kits. If you believe in a passionate hands-on activity, get this kit for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B07FCNYND8″ title=”4. Hair Chalk Comb Cosplay DIY” description=”Hair chalk to apply on light hair. The comb comes in a mini-size design. The hair color Comb comes in purple, green, blue, pink, and red colors. It’s easy to use with a small comb. Your daughter can create a unique look on her birthday. It’s environmentally friendly and can be cleaned easily. Babies like to play with colorful hair like this.”]

[amazon box=”B08HM4ZVQS” title=”5. Robot Building Block Creative Learning Kit” description=”Stem toy set including building blocks with remote control. It comes with a picture to make a robot that can rotate on the left, right, and front. It’s an educational toy for your daughter. She will practice creativity. It’s like programming and learning tot for fun. Your daughter will learn engineering and mechanics to be technologically skilled.”]

[amazon box=”B06XWV5X9N” title=”6. Personalized Organizer Journaling Kit” description=”A spiral journal with stickers and glitter frames. It comes with decorated pages to write down thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Using glue, she can stick cards and photos. It will remind your daughter about her favorite memories. Your daughter can gather souvenirs, photos, and ticket stubs. She can use it as a diary, planner, and organizer.”]

[amazon box=”B06Y4BC95L” title=”7. Building Builders Educational Toy Set” description=”A set of building Builders with premium quality 100 parts. With these parts, your baby can create different structures. The parts come in vibrant colors. Your baby will have a successful building experience. Your daughter can build amazing constructions. The set will make the hand and eye coordination strong and make skilled in solving problems.”]

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Meaningful Birthday Gifts for 10-Years-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B07VFZ72XC” title=”8. Colorful Pyramid Magic Puzzle Cube” description=”A set of well-engineered Puzzle Cube. It’s a bundle of five-pack magic puzzles. The cube comes in different shapes and vivid colors. The puzzle cube is environment-friendly. The toy is a combination of entertainment and education. It will improve the logical thinking and concentration of your baby. You must get this set to give a joyful experience for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B000FGKDLK” title=”9. Ballerina Jewellery Treasure Pink Box” description=”Cute pink treasure box to store Jewellery items in a twirling ballerina figure. There is a big compartment in the box to store Jewellery items. There is a large mirror rectangular size. It’s excellent for your daughter to keep her bracelets, charms, and earrings inside. Your daughter can organize her Jewellery in this box.”]

[amazon box=”B089N1Y15Y” title=”10. Craft Sewing Kit And Box” description=”A creative craft box with dolls and puzzles. It’s a set of high-end sewing kits with ice cream, star, mermaid, and jellyfish. Each of the items is incredible. It comes in a colorful storage box. The packing design is enchanting. The set will improve her creativity, imagination, and critical thinking.”]

[amazon box=”B09MB54RN7″ title=”11. Remote Control Shark Pool Game” description=”Babies are crazy about toys with remote control. It’s a rechargeable shark with tail movement joints. It shows different activities in the water. When it swims, it rotates freely. Your daughter can play with the shark in the bathtub. It has multi-directional control. Even she can take it to her school.”]

[amazon box=”B099KH3SFW” title=”12. Exciting Sensing Robot Toy” description=”Super entertaining robot with many functions. The robot can tell stories for fun and babies can control with hand gestures. It can move backward and forward. With the remote control, there are more fun functions. It can record the command. It will improve the creativity and imagination of preschool babies. The robot will dance and sing automatically to three songs.”]

[amazon box=”B00R5EEV8Q” title=”13. Interesting Giant Plush Wild Animal” description=”Babies love animal plush toys. It’s a giant plush animal that is realistic. It’s super cute and fluffy. Babies can not resist themselves when they get this kind of toy. The plush toy is made with high-quality fabrics. Your daughter will be curious about the wonderful nature and wildlife. It comes in irresistible fur cloth.”]

[amazon box=”B09NBF3ZPJ” title=”14. Colorful Craft Sewing Kit” description=”A designer kit with 300 materials. The materials are vibrant and colorful. The set includes mannequins, bows, sewing tools, and sketchbooks. Your daughter can sew a dress and decorate it with ornaments. She can play like a designer. Babies can make more than 40 outfits. She will have a fun and enjoyable time. The set will improve her creativity. Nothing can be prettiest than this set.”]

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Gift Ideas for 10-Years-Old Girl’s Birthday

[amazon box=”B01LYSDNJE” title=”15. Laser Tag Guns” description=”Laser tag guns are a fun toy for indoors and outdoor. It’s a set of laser tag guns with ultra-realistic shot experience. In every game, she will have nine lives. Your daughter can play with her friends and make an action team. She can take the guns in parks, yards, and gardens. She will have an experience of an adventurous battlefield.”]

[amazon box=”B072JXVTKT” title=”16. Digital Smart Watch” description=”Smartwatch is an interesting toy for kids. It’s a stylish wristband with a splash-proof feature. There is a dual camera in this watch. There is a timer, calendar, and alarm in this watch. Your daughter can take pictures, and videos using awesome effects. There is a micro USB cable to connect to the computer. The watch has sound effects also.”]

[amazon box=”B00RGP9FHG” title=”17. Colorful Unisex Classic Clog” description=”Great shoe for comfortable use. The shoes are incredibly lightweight. It’s made with crocs foam. The material is flexible. It’s fun to wear this Clog. They look stylish. Surprisingly she can wear it for going to school. She can wear it in summer. It’s a great shoe for hiking and walking. As the materials are durable, she will feel super comfortable.”]

[amazon box=”B07F6CYZVG” title=”18. Cute Crossbody Coin Purse Bag” description=”Crossbody Coin purse to take small stuff in cartoon style cat design. The bag matches any occasion dress style. There is a magnetic snap to keep her stuff protected. The colors are pretty and made with durable materials. She can carry her stuff and toys. There is a strap so that she can adjust it.”]

[amazon box=”B08RDFV9FX” title=”19. Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe” description=”Sleepwear is made with a unicorn theme. It’s a soft bathrobe made with premium quality material. There is an elastic belt to adjust it. It comes in a bright color that your daughter will love the color. If she is a unicorn lover, she will love her birthday gift. It’s super comfortable or worn. Surprise her with this adorable sleepwear.”]

[amazon box=”B08C7FRT8J” title=”20. Fashionable Leather Backpack Purse” description=”Super cute backpack in a unique design. It’s a backpack with a purse in different bright colors with a smooth finish. She can keep her important stuff inside the bag. It comes with a large capacity. There are two compartments with the main compartment. There is a strap to carry the bag like a shoulder bag. Your daughter can take it for shopping, traveling, and hiking.”]

[amazon box=”B08DHVQS85″ title=”21. Cute Jewellery Making charms And Beads” description=”A set of charms to make bracelets and Jewellery. It’s a set of beads in different shapes like an angel’s crown, rainbow, or crown. She can make stylish bracelets. It comes in a cute charming pink color box. She can make personalized bracelets. The set will improve her creativity and spend a fun time.”]

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Non-Toys 10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter

[amazon box=”B08ZN4BYGG” title=”22. Colorful Weaving Loom” description=”Handicraft for weaving beginners with 288 loops. It’s a set of seven bright color potholders. High-quality loops for acrylic fabrics. Babies can use their imagination and create the patterns they like. With a weaving loom, your baby can make seven potholders, bags, and cats. It’s an educational and fun kit. All the loops are colorful and your baby will like them.”]

[amazon box=”B07M5VNTH6″ title=”23. Cartoon Animal Cotton Over High Socks” description=”Cute animal image colorful high knee socks. The socks are so cute and come with animal images. They come in fashionable designs and bright colors. The socks are specially designed with animal patterns. Your daughter can wear it for hiking, sport, school, home, and outdoor. She can wear it over the knee or calf.”]

[amazon box=”B07NNZTHHH” title=”24. Electric Race Rotating Car” description=”Stunt car made with powerful components for realistic racing and road gaming experience. The car can go backward, forward, turn right and turn left. It’s made with sturdy construction to run on the multi-surface. It charges with a USB cable for two hours. The car can run for competition on rock, snow, and lawn. The wheels grip well and can rotate.”]

[amazon box=”B08NVG1Z95″ title=”25. Fashionable Mini Backpack With Purse” description=”Cute fashionable Mini Backpack for girls to take personal stuff. Small accessories like makeup, phone, and keyrings can be taken in this bag. It’s made with soft leather with smooth finishing. There is a pretty colorful pompom in the backpack. There is a small purse in the backpack. She can take it while going travel and shopping.”]

[amazon box=”B08P4SWNH4″ title=”26. Cute Daisy Baseball Cap” description=”Cute baseball cap with high-quality daisy print. It’s made with smooth and durable elements. The size can be adjusted and there is a strap. The cap is perfect for camping and daily wear. It’s super lightweight. If your daughter is a daisy flower lover, she will love it as her birthday gift.”]

[amazon box=”B075F3JR75″ title=”27. Fashionable Cute Mini Backpack” description=”Super cute backpack for daily use. It’s a fashionable backpack with multi pockets including the main pocket. This mini chic backpack comes with a strap to take it as a shoulder bag. There is a mini bow which makes it look chic. The backpack has a large capacity inside of the backpack to store everything. She can take her keys, phone, and makeup in it.”]

[amazon box=”B07X1PTL6M” title=”28. Color Changing Night Light And Bluetooth Speaker” description=”Interesting night light with an alarm clock. The multifunctional light can be used in the living room for relaxing. There is a touch sensor on the top of the light. It can be changed to the music light mode with changing multi-color lights. The music rhythm runs automatically. You can choose a specific color. The brightness is the light that can be adjusted to pick the favorite color.”]

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Useful 10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter

[amazon box=”B07VSP4QNH” title=”29. Wooden And Metal Puzzles” description=”A set of nine coils and blocks for endless play. The blocks don’t easily break. The set challenges babies for solving problems and critical thinking. It’s a brainteaser for creative babies. It’s a fun toy set. It comes in a plastic storage box as an interactive puzzle. The toy is perfect for logic tests. Your daughter can solve the puzzle when she is in school, party, or at home. Even she can take them in her pockets.”]

[amazon box=”B00SK5RUQY” title=”30. Stem Project Coding Robot Kit” description=”A robot kit to learn programming and robotics. Makeblock apps software comes with this set. Your daughter can play games with remote control. Kids can learn robotics with learning resources and interactive software. She can start coding. The remote control is multi-functional like obstacle avoidance and line follow.”]

[amazon box=”B08CVSB189″ title=”31. Weaving Loom Kit For Crafts” description=”A prebox potholder box for crafts. Kids get a chance to do potholder loops. The kit opens a world of creativity for kids. She can have a happy time and create patterns. She can make hairbands, coin purses, or handbags. The box includes lo, loops, needles, and yarn. It’s a beautiful gift for the girls who love crafting.”]

[amazon box=”B0968KGFR5″ title=”32. Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooters” description=”Exciting hoverboard with go-kart seat. It’s a hoverboard with two wheels. It comes with a seat fit for ergonomic contour. It has an adjustable foot padel which is suitable for babies. The handle is flexible and accelerates smoothly. It’s easy to assemble with the installation tools. The wheel can be rotated at 360° control. Your baby will enjoy sheer driving pleasure.”]

[amazon box=”B081TLNB5B” title=”33. Lunar Telescope For Astronomers” description=”A NASA lunar telescope for kids to see the incredible detail of the moon. The kit includes a tabletop tripod, telescope, and high-power eyepiece. Kids can locate the moon and zoom in for a close view. It’s a perfect gift for beginner scientists. The kit will inspire kids for science. It’s child-friendly and kids can enjoy detailed information about the moon.”]

[amazon box=”B06XRW2185″ title=”34. Coding Jam Music Creation” description=”A set of coding Jam for creating music beats with learning patterns. It’s a coding set learning games with coding blocks. The set will develop her ear for melody and rhythm. It will improve the music creation, observation, and coding fundamentals. Your baby will learn to make new music which will be an adventure for her.”]

[amazon box=”B07MWC38QN” title=”35. Colorful 3D Puzzle Rainbow Ball” description=”Interesting 3D puzzle rainbow ball for a brain game. The ball comes in bright colors. Your baby will have to match the colored balls. She can challenge her friends to match the color. It’s like a color-matching game. It’s like a brain game that improves creativity and critical thinking. It improves logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.”]

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Personalized Birthday Gifts for 10-Years-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B013TRSB6U” title=”36. Craft Tastic Kit Makes” description=”A yarn tree kit to hang on the Jewelleries. It’s a stylish way to organize your Jewellery. It’s around 18 inches tall. It can hang on bracelets and necklaces. It’s a trendy and cool thing in the world of crafts. It’s good for beginner crafters. This colorful piece will make her room bright. It’s made of plastic and metal. The set includes everything you need for the yarn tree.”]

[amazon box=”B07DR9CK3Y” title=”37. LED Light Cinema Light Box” description=”A mini color-changing lightbox to create a letter sign. It’s a set of blanks, a lightbox, and USB cables. This LED message box is perfect to show your message and love quotes. She can use it for fun sayings and love notes. You can adjust the marquee letters and pick one favorite color. You can keep it on the desk or attach it to the wall. It’s a cute surprise gift idea for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B092M5LY46″ title=”38. Water Bottle Journal Gift Set” description=”A personalized premium quality gift set. It’s a gift packet of a metal pen, notebook, and steel bottle. It comes in beautiful and elegant packaging. The pen holder is fashionable. There is an inner pocket for cards, notes, and pictures. It’s a double-wall vacuum to keep the drink cool. The set comes in a pretty pink color which your daughter will love.”]

[amazon box=”B088CRSPSL” title=”39. Pretty Crystal Beads Bracelet Set” description=”Handmade bracelet made with pearls. It’s a cute bracelet to wear on any occasion. The bracelet is made with pearl and crystals. Your daughter can wear it on any special occasion like parties. It comes in a classy jewelry box to make her feel special. Your daughter can wear it on her birthday and feel special. The crystals are dazzling and sparkling.”]

[amazon box=”B085X8TYRZ” title=”40. Gold Plated Personalized Necklace” description=”Perfect birthday gift for your daughter to make her feel special. It’s unique gold-plated jewelry. It comes in minimal awesome design. It can be designed with a personalized name and she can use her name in it. She will love and cherish this gift. She can wear the necklace on her birthday and at other parties.”]

[amazon box=”B07TVF82RL” title=”41. Cute Ladybug Water Bottle” description=”Kids have a chance to decorate their bottles. Kids bottle in purple color with glittery gemstone stickers. The bottle bling and sparks. The top can be twisted and carried easily. Your daughter will enjoy the crafting activity. It comes in a wrapped box as a fantastic gift. The paracord bracelet kit allows wearing the bracelet.”]

[amazon box=”B08MCJSLB7″ title=”42. Dainty Butterfly Choker Necklace” description=”Modern fashionable jewelry to express personality. It comes in rose gold and white gold colors. It’s an elegant exquisite butterfly pendant. The butterfly means a symbol of your name. It’s a 14k gold necklace that will never fade and stain. It comes in a cute necklace box. The butterfly pendant is classic and super chic.”]

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Educational 10th Birthday Gifts for Daughter

[amazon box=”B01CNSPBDM” title=”43. Colorful Sweet Gummy Candies” description=”Delicious gummy candies in cute colors and sweet to chew. The candies are sweetened in two flavors. You can make the shape of the candies. The candies come in the shapes of dolphins, bears, and dinosaurs. The candies are made with nuts, eggs, and wheat. They are very sweet and sour. The colors and shales are cool.”]

[amazon box=”B09296GQ55″ title=”44. Smart Puzzle Games With Escape Box” description=”Mysterious secret puzzle box escape room game. It’s a secret box game like a mystery. The puzzle box is made of wood. There are 52 individual parts of the box. It’s easy to reassemble the box. Your daughter will love to play the game as there is a reward after winning the game. It’s a challenging game as a perfect escape room. It’s a wonderful gift idea for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B07KTSMBGX” title=”45. Mathematical Manipulative Array Block Geoboard” description=”A geometrical wooden board to learn 2D shapes. It’s a set of 35 pattern cards to make letters and shapes. It’s a package of latex band packs. This set will improve the motor and visual skills of your daughter. The boards are firm and secure. The bands are strong and will not break easily. It’s a super exciting game to play and your daughter will love it.”]

[amazon box=”1465453024″ title=”46. Colorful Activity Learning Headstart” description=”Lego builds a book for Lego lovers. An excellent Lego builds book to build Lego pets. It will awaken the imagination of your daughter and she will be in a world of imagination. She can build anything with building ideas from Google. If she is a Lego fan, she will love it. It will take a few minutes to build Lego for your daughter. She will be inspired by the building ideas.”]

[amazon box=”B08H4SG94J” title=”47. Arts And Crafts Kit Library Box” description=”The cute box is full of color and fun. Fun elements are the perfect gift for your daughter’s birthday as she will be surprised to see inside of the box. It’s a set of more than 1000 pieces of arts and crafts elements. She can make an animal like a bird, monkey, or elephant. She has endless possibilities for endless fun. It’s an educational and entertaining set.”]

[amazon box=”B01N8S3VTL” title=”48. Giant Wooden Classic Row Game” description=”A huge set of 3 feet coin game set. It includes 42 pieces of coins that are unbreakable and sturdy. The game is made from premium wood. It’s painted with white color to give a signature look. The classic white finish and vintage design are attractive. It’s easily portable and takes with her anywhere for camping and BBQ parties.”]

[amazon box=”B08YP89S1B” title=”49. Lego Dots Decoration Kit” description=”Colorful set of Lego Dots to create her own designs. It’s a perfect gift for Lego lover babies. The dots are pure and colorful. The multi-color dots come in exciting colors and shapes. The colors are so beautiful. The set will improve the imagination skills of your baby. They can make room decor items. The box offers to build endless imagination.”]

Unique, Exciting, Surprise Birthday Gifts for 10-Years-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B08P2S8NPX” title=”50. Disney Princess Doll House Castle” description=”Disney Princess cute dollhouse with a set of dazzling accessories. It’s a three-storied house with six rooms. Music plays with the fireworks. The accessories are stunning. The dressing room is just breathtaking. Getting the house in hand, your baby will feel like her imagination has come to life. It’s a pretty gift for Disney lovers.”]

[amazon box=”B08DCK32L4″ title=”51. Colorful Electric Kick Scooter” description=”Scooter with powerful motor In vibrant colors. It’s an electric scooter with a high-performance brake system. Your daughter can smoothly ride it for shock absorption. The scooter is lightweight and foldable. It comes in pretty colors like pink, blue and grey. It’s will be an awesome gift for her. She can travel more than five miles regularly.”]

[amazon box=”B0813Y9N6C” title=”52. Cute Mini Instant Camera” description=”Mini camera for taking photos with filter lens. It comes with a 60mm lens to take photos with a press. The camera brings images with a new color with a closer filter lens. It includes six color filter lenses with a selfie mirror. The camera case is unique and comes in purple color. There are ten creative film frames.”]

[amazon box=”B00W61O4GM” title=”53. Super-Cute Wooden Doll House” description=”Big luxurious dollhouse for fun and entertainment. It’s a dollhouse of four levels and ten rooms. Surprisingly the house has an elevator. It’s like a real dollhouse that your daughter has imagined. The house is made with sturdy wooden materials. The color of the house and every element is cute. There are thirty-one pieces of accessories in the house.”]

[amazon box=”B07Y9C848Y” title=”54. Barbie Dream House With Accessories” description=”A dollhouse with three levels. It’s a Barbie house with eight rooms, an elevator, and a pool. There are furniture, lights, and a puppy in the house. The kitchen is full of kitchen items like stove, and frypan. There is a pool on the second floor with a water splash. Your daughter can set up her dream house. There are endless ways for her to play with the cute house.”]

[amazon box=”B01C5G2K2C” title=”55. Junior Drum Set With Cymbals” description=”A set of metallic drums with drum sticks to play like a drummer. It includes five pieces of functional drums jam. It’s made with metal and plastic snares. The instruments create a unique sound. The set is easy to assemble. The set comes with everything that your daughter needs to be a drummer. It’s designed to be used by kids to start as a drummer.”]

[amazon box=”B072XWZP7F” title=”56. Modern Kitchen Play Set With Accessories” description=”A kitchen set full of accessories to play like a chef. The set includes a refrigerator, kitchenette, ice maker, stovetop, and clicking knobs. Your daughter can play with three accessories. The kitchen set will make your daughter delighted. The accessories come in cute pink color. They are perfect in size for your daughter. It looks like a real kitchen and accessories and can be a fantastic idea for a birthday gift.”]

It’s a bit difficult to find a gift for a girl who is not an infant or a teen. We have made it easier for you so that you don’t need to explore stores. We have listed the top-rated and special gift items. Hope that you will find your perfect 10th birthday gifts for daughter from our list that she will love.