1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

33 Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter in 2023

The first birthday is a special day for both the mother and the daughter. There can be nothing special like picking the best gift on her birthday. You can pick toys for the young child. But if it’s your first birthday, you have to pick a perfect gift. As it’s your first birthday, pick something unique for your daughter. If you are looking for ‘1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter’, we have put together meaningful ideas for you. We know that you will like these ideas to pick the best one for your daughter

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1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

1. First Sports Bag
It's a playset that includes five items inside of the bag. It's a set of soft and sensory pieces to make your child have fun. Your daughter will feel like a princess after getting the playset as her first birthday gift. These soft baby toys are made with high-quality materials to ensure safety for kids. It's a perfect gift for the first birthday of your daughter.
2. Car Toy Set
It's a set of seven cars that your baby will enjoy. Seven cars come in bright colors. The toys are safe and do not need a battery. It's portable because it comes in a bag. The colorful and cute toys increase their curiosity. Kids can learn to pull and push cars and gain motor skills. If your daughter is a car lover, it's a great gift for her birthday.
3. Cute Monkeys Puppet Playset
It's a playset of five cute monkeys. Your daughter definitely will like it. The monkeys come with bright outfits and big smiles on their faces. The monkeys are well dressed in pajamas and nightgowns. It's a finger puppet playmate that you can have storytime. Each of them is five inches tall. Your daughter will enjoy having fun with this puppet playset.
4. Hooded Gray Baby Towel
It's a cute hooded towel made with high-quality cotton. It's a luxurious bath towel to make your baby feel warm and dry after the bath. This elephant baby bath towel is perfect as a gift and for bath time. It's designed uniquely by the Little tinkers world. To make the bath time more enjoyable and more playful than before, it can be a fantastic gift for your daughter.
5. Baby Activity Gym
It's a large gym for your baby to make it more active with the changeable toys. The toys can be moved. The toys come in different colors, shapes, and textures. It can be easily stored. This jumbo baby activity gym can develop the motor skills of your daughter. The stimulating toys and mirror can keep your baby engaged.
6. Skip Hop Accordian Baby Toy
This accordian baby toy is a smartly designed toy that your daughter will love if she is fun-loving. It's one of the highly demanded products globally for functional solutions. Your daughter will be fully engaged while the musical play. It explores with unique musical sound. It's designed in a way to grab the handles easily. It's a rubber accordian body with moveable beads. Your daughter will be overjoyed.
7. Funny Wooden Learning Puzzle
It's a five-sided activity center made with sustainable solid wood. Your daughter will enjoy the wooden pounder and balls. The beaded adventure land is enjoyable. There are six shapes and kids can gain identification skills. Kids will love the activities for storytelling and imagination. This activity play cube inspires solving problems, developing logic, and having fun.

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Sentimental 1st Birthday Gifts Girl

8. Comfortable Cotton Footed Sleep And Play
It's a footless sleep and play which comes in a whimsical design. It will be an easier outfit for your daughter designed with an ankle to chin zipper with a snap over the tab. The front zip makes it easier to change. It's a one-way zipper that starts from the head. As it's made with original cotton, your daughter will feel the highest comfort.
9. Cute Pull Along Toy
It's a funny and cute pull-along toy that is made with durable wood. It's a colorful croc that your daughter can take for a long walk. It's like an imaginary play that will encourage creativity, telling a story, and role-playing. There are rubber-rimmed wheels in it. This toy will develop the natural abilities of your daughter.
10. Cute Baby Girl's Body Suite
It's an eight-pack unisex bodysuit that is super comfortable to wear for your daughter. It will be an excellent choice for your daughter. These baby suits can be paired with shorts, socks, and pants. The suite comes with precious colors, patterns, and artwork. Your daughter can wear this fashionable suit in any season. It's a perfect gift for your daughter on her birthday.
11. Cute Animal Rattle Set
It's a funhouse where your daughter will fall in love with the jingle puppy, jingle lamb, and jingle duck. The versatile red house will stimulate the interest of your baby. Shaking the rattle will improve the motor skills of your baby. Your daughter can take it everywhere. It's a visually appealing and colorful plush toy. As it's like a must-have, you can bring it for your daughter on her birthday.
12. Red Lobster Hooded Towel
This hooded towel makes the after-bath time more fun. The adorable design comes with a 3-D lobster head. The elephant hood wraps up your baby in softness. The hood is like a watering hole for an exciting adventure. It's super soft and comfortable. If you want to make the bath time your daughter entertaining, it will be a perfect gift.
13. Baby Bonding Set
It's a multi-purpose newborn set to moisturize the skin of both mom and baby. It's a set of liquid soap, baby cologne, massage oil, stretch mark oil, and wet wipes. The essentials in this set can make your baby feel calm and confident. There is no alcohol and preservatives which hydrate the baby's skin.

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Daughter’s First Birthday Gift from Dad

14. Appealing Baby Suite Gift
It's a unisex baby bodysuit that can be a unique gift on your daughter's birthday. It's perfect for a baby shower. You can quickly and easily change a diaper with three-snap closures. It's made with cotton and your daughter will be comfortable wearing it.
15. Cute Outwear Overcoat
It's a cute gift for your daughter which is adorable and lightweight. It's a cotton hooded zipped jacket with ears that looks fashionable. This pink baby coat is waterproof. It's very soft and cute. This fuzzy coat is perfect for any weather. There is a cartoon print on it which makes it more attractive.
16. Colorful Spiral Plush Toys
It's a premium quality hanging toy set for babies. With this toy set, you can educate your baby with fun. Your daughter can recognize the vibrant colorful animals and eye coordination. The toy set will improve the auditory and visual of your daughter. It will enjoy a fun time with the baby carrier.
17. Baby Exerciser for Active Babies
It stands for active babies to make them physically fit. It's a perfect gift for your daughter if she is fun and bounce-loving. It's designed to improve the balance and strength of the muscles. You can use it indoors and outdoor. The seat supports the baby's spine and it's super comfortable. You can get this baby exerciser for your daughter on her birthday.
18. Colorful Baby Rattles
It's a stroller car toy for babies with a wind chime of frog, lion, elephant, and fawn. This toy will improve the learning, speaking, and coordination skills of your daughter. The colorful animals create vivid expressions. It's designed with four animals with a cute hanging ring. The toys are designed to make a sound when you squeeze them.
19. Beautiful Personalized Child's Name Puzzle Stool
It's an incredible educational puzzle stool. It's a personalized birthday gift with the pieces of a letter puzzle. The colors of the letter can be customized. The sturdy little bench can replace any name. It develops the mind of your daughter to distinguish one letter from another. It can be a great personalized gift for your daughter on her birthday.
20. Colorful Baby Bath Seat
It's a flower baby bath seat with large petals comfortable for babies. This blooming flower bath set helps to enjoy a safe bath time. It's designed to fit in every sink. The large petals create a safe seat for your daughter with unlimited fun. It can be a great gift for your daughter on her birthday to provide fun during bath time.

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Personalized 1st Birthday Gift for Daughter

21. Ruffle Bodysuit Clothes Set
It is a stylish outfit set with long sleeves, headbands, and flower pants. Your daughter can wear this playsuit outfit in spring, winter, and autumn. It's good for playtime, showering, and photoshoots. Its made with light texture fabric. You can choose this toddler clothes set for your daughter on her birthday as home wear.

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23. Cute Baby Girl Hat with Custom Name
It's a personalized baby girl hat which is very sweet. You can get it for your little lady on her birthday. There is a cute glittery bow on the hat. The hat is designed with USA funny girl design. You can customize the name with your daughter's name. Your daughter will love the glittery bow on it.
24. Activity Baby Play Mat
It's a play mat full of visuals and textures. It comes with an animal pattern cover for a different visual experience. There are five plush toys and a moon shape pillow. This play gym will stimulate the brain of your baby as it's made by experts. The mat will strengthen the neck and muscles.
25. Cute Funny Bib for Girls
It's a printed super soft funny bib. It will be a great idea to gift it on your daughter's birthday. It's made with super soft cotton. There is We both know that's not an airplane written on the bib. As it's in black, it looks beautiful. You can get it as a gift for your daughter on her birthday.
26. Baby Face Towel For Shower
It's a premium quality baby wipe that can be a great gift for your daughter. It comes in five beautiful colors. It's an organic bath towel that is softer. Its made with muslin washcloths. Its made safe for sensitive baby skin. There is a small hook in every cloth. This bath kit will be a great gift for your daughter's birthday.
27. Baby Rattles Activity Toy Set
It's a set of ten bright color rattles. Each of the rattles comes in different shapes and grips which develops the motor skills of your daughter. Various textures develop the taste, smell, and touch of your baby. The different colors and patterns improve eye tracking skills. It can be stored in its container. It will be a great gift for your daughter on her birthday.

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Luxury 1st Birthday Gift for Daughter

28. Colorful Personalized Puzzle Stool
It's a puzzle stool made in primary colors. Its made with solid pieces of pine in a natural finish. The letters are durable and sturdy. The letters are painted nicely. The colors are so vibrant that your daughter will like them. The letters are made with an original piece of wood.
29. Stylish Bandana Drool Bibs
It's a stylish and thoughtful bandana bib to keep baby clothes dry. It's designed for any outfit. It's a trendy solution for drooling babies. It goes well with any kind of baby cloth. It's versatile to wear with any outfit. It can be used in three different settings. It will be a thoughtful gift for your daughter.
30. Pink Baby Crib Bedding Set
It's a watercolor floral baby crib bedding set that is gorgeous and charming. The crib sheet comes in gray and pink shades. The floral quilt creates a safe sleeping space for your daughter. It's printed in a high-resolution microfiber in a luxurious design. There is a pink crib skirt for a luxurious design. You can get this bedding set to create a sleeping environment for your daughter.
31. Baby Handprint Ornament Kit
It's a beautiful gift box with a beautiful lasting handprint. You can customize the keepsake ornament. It gives you everything you need for creating keepsakes. There are letters, shapes, and numbers in this kit. You can customize the name of your baby. It's a beautiful yet long-lasting keepsake that can be a cherishing gift.
32. Slide Out Xylophone
It's a multifunctional xylophone that makes a baby explore different sounds while the balls fall. It creates unique sounds which is a unique way to make your baby experience the music world. It develops the coordination of hand and eye and motor skills. Your baby will be introduced to critical thinking and solving problems. Your baby will love the bright rainbow colors.
33. Disney Winnie The Pooh Bedding Sheet
It's a Winnie the Pooh bedding set that comes in pastel color. The set includes a crib sheet, quilt, and crib skirt. The sheet features Pooh in different positions which are looking at the sky, moon, and clouds. The mint color velour will be loved by your daughter. Get this bedding set for your daughter and make her the happiest.

We hope that you have got something special and unique for your daughter. The memory of the first birthday lasts longer. Chose a gift for your little one which will make her happy, give her fun and make her grow. Make a plan to buy your favorite ‘1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter’ and cherish the beautiful moments on your daughter’s birthday. 

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