1st Birthday Gifts for Son

15 Adorable 1st Birthday Gifts for Son from Mom and Dad

This massive guide will publish some unique first-birthday gift ideas for baby boys. If you are celebrating your son’s birthday, you should look at these best gifts for your baby boy’s 1st birthday. We are sure this sweet and loving ‘1st Birthday Gifts for Son’ guide will show you some wonderful gifts that you can buy for your son. 

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1st Birthday Gifts for Son

1. Muslin Cotton Soft Baby Washcloths

These wifes are 100% Muslim cotton and they are very soft. It is the best option for the soft and sensitive skin. There is no heavy metal on this and it could be a great gift for any one-year-old. 

2. Hudson Baby Plush Animal Face Bathrobe

This imported Hudson’s baby bathrobe looks very cute. And it can be a great gift for any kid. This bathrobe has a tie closure and it is machine washable. It is 100% polyester, comfortable to wear, and very soft. It is so gentle and lovely for the baby’s skin. 

3. Toddler 6-Piece Bath Toy Set

This is a 6-boat bath toy set for toddlers. They are lightweight and great for kids to play with while taking a bath. It is a great tool to improve kids’ eye coordination, learning, and language. Overall, this makes a great gift for every toddler. 

4. Toddler 6 Pack Forks and Spoons 

These forks and spoons are great ways to learn self-feeding for kids. They are BPA-free and safe to use. The deep spoons hold more food and it helps the kids to eat better. It has 3 forks and 3 spoons in the package. It is a great gift for kids over 1 year. 

5. Baby Teething Chew Rattles Toys

This is a great toy for baby teething. It helps the little kids to chew with fun and grasp properly. This one is ideal for kids who are around 1 year old. It is safe and easy to clean. You can have it as a beautiful gift for anyone. 

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Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boy

6. Natural Cotton 3 Pc Muslin Baby Bibs

These bibs are crafted from premium quality Muslin and they are imported. This is soft, gentle, and good for the skin. They can provide a comfortable and delightful experience for your baby. They are BPA-free and you can get them for both boys and girls. 

7. Luvable Baby Terry Socks

Here are Luvable Terry socks for every kid. They are 100% cotton and imported. These socks are trendy, fun, and high quality. Made with good quality fabric which is comfortable and soft. Overall, they are a great choice as a gift for one-year-old.

8. Bright Baby Touch & Feel Boxed Set

This is an adorable baby book set by Roger Priddy. You have 4 Bright Baby books here including At the Zoo. These books are great to teach babies different topics. It has great-quality illustrations to stimulate your baby’s brain. It can be a great gift for any kid. 

9. Genuine Fred Small Buff Baby Rattle

This is a fun and functional item for kids to show off their body-building skills! This baby rattle is very lightweight and any kid can handle it. It is made of great quality materials and it is safe for the kids. You can buy this as a birthday gift for your son who is 1 year old. 

10. Set of 2 Soft Musical Toys Rattle ‘n Rock 

This is an exclusive newborn rattle toy set. There are two rattle toys, they are soft and colorful. Any kid would love to play with these fun toys. They are great for kids who are 6+ months. It can be a great baby shower or birthday gift. 

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Meaningful Gifts for One-Year-Old

11. Peek-A-Boo Forest: Baby Book

This is a soft book for babies including 3D features and crinkly flaps. The kids love to play with such colorful and fun things. The pages are very beautiful with friendly characters and bold colors. It helps the kids to build their attention. They are durable and they can be a good birthday gift. 

12. Clip-On Toy: Mortimer The Moose

This is a fun toy for the babies, it helps to keep them entertained. These clip-on toys are a great way to entertain your kid. They are very colorful, BPA-free, and soft, so it’s safe for babies. It can be a great gift also.

13. Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

This is the best teether toy ever made for little toddlers. It is very colorful and comes in different colors. They are soft and comfortable for the kids. They are made from good quality materials and they are great as a birthday gift.

14. Stack & Count Stacking Cups

This a beautiful toy to teach counting to your little kid. The cups are very colorful and they grab the attention of the little babies. It is a great way to keep them entertained and teach counting at the same time. It can be a great birthday gift for a one-year-old. 

15. Blue Baby Bath Rinse Cup

This is a very friendly Moby Rinser that is specially designed to bathe your little kid safely and keep water out of their ears. It has an easy grip and it allows you to hold it better. They are BPA-free and PVC-free. 

These can be memorable 1st birthday presents for any kid including your own son. Thank you so much for taking a look at this beautiful guide.