Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter

40 Exciting Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter in 2023

Are you looking for birthday gifts for your 5-year-old daughter? As it’s her fifth birthday, no doubt that you have to pick something special for her. She has started to grow and going to school, she will focus on everything more than before. Kids of this age group like educational toys, storybooks, puzzles, globes, flower plants, princess dresses, dolls, ornaments, and anything that will take them to their world of imagination and make them active. You can choose a gift that will make her excited, improve skills and keep her entertained. A surprise gift from you can create interest in her to develop a new skill. We have a collection of pretty charming gifts for your daughter. Go through all of the gift ideas to pick your desired one. 

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Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B07GTN9YMQ” title=”1. Cute Soothing Color Unicorn Jewelry Box” description=”Girls love jewelry boxes as a gift. It’s a beautifully designed jewelry box with bracelets and rings. It’s a unicorn-themed box. Inside the box, a unicorn charm necklace with white pearl and a matching bracelet is found. The cute box plays a musical tune. When your daughter opens the box, there will be music with a soothing song. It’s like magic that your daughter will not forget.”]

[amazon box=”B083B119VV” title=”2. Pink Bluetooth Microphone Gift Box” description=”Bluetooth karaoke microphone connected with the app. Kids love to act like singers and sing songs. It’s a microphone which can play 30 magic songs. It comes in cute and stylish color with the highest quality speaker. It can play songs for up to eight hours a day. Four voice effects can be changed Echo, chipmunk, low pitch, and high pitch.”]

[amazon box=”B085D7LBHW” title=”3. Frozen Baseball Glitter Cap” description=”Cute hat with Disney Frozen picture and Anna. It’s a premium quality comfortable baseball cap made with colorful characters. The cap is made for ultimate fun. She can wear it for regular activities. It’s made to look stylish and with a unique design. She can bring a playful look to create special melodies. It’s adjustable and fits as you expect.”]

[amazon box=”B07W9G64V9″ title=”4. Unicorn Dancing Robot Toy” description=”Walking and dancing robot in the form of a unicorn to give unlimited fun. It’s an electronic robot with magical sounds. It comes with remote control and it can walk in the room and dance. The eyes are super cute. The LED lights are set up for different play modes. Your daughter can play it for 40 minutes. It will make your daughter entertained.”]

[amazon box=”B083BCTLP5″ title=”5. Cute LCD Lighting Tablet Drawing Pad” description=”An electronic drawing tablet enables your daughter to draw whatever she wants. The screen is bright, colorful, and comfortable. It’s a new pressure-sensitive technology. Your daughter can draw colorful paintings with her creativity. It’s durable to enjoy a fun time with painting. It can be taken with her while traveling, to restaurants, and by car.”]

[amazon box=”B08Y1S657P” title=”6. Dinosaur Fun Toy Set” description=”Dinosaur toys are the best toys to improve the brain and imagination of your daughter. Your baby can learn and play. It can explore the world of dinosaurs and learn more. It’s a set of three kinds of dinosaurs. The dinosaur can fit into different positions. The dinosaurs are strong, safe, and durable. Your daughter will like the toys as they come in vivid colors.”]

[amazon box=”B098WQTV3Y” title=”7. Robot Toy With Music And LED Eyes” description=”Robot toy for your daughter with music and remote control to give unlimited fun. It’s a cute robot toy that sings three music with blinking and light eyes. It has various functions to play. This robot can play like a friend sometimes with your baby. The head is flexible and the eyes are LED. Even the wheels and arms are flexible to move fast.”]

[amazon box=”B09SRZ733C” title=”8. Unicorn Glow In The Dark Puzzle” description=”Puzzles sets are educational to make learn problem-solving. It’s a set of puzzles to match memories. The puzzle set is so cut that it sparks in the dark. When the puzzles are put together, they create a new scene with the light. While your baby put each piece together, It becomes engaged. There are unicorn matching cards with the puzzle.”]

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Special and Unique Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B087ZW39D2″ title=”9. Cute Selfie And Video Camera” description=”High definition camera with a cute appearance. It comes with a video function for taking videos. There are 6 colorful filters and 28 frames with different characters and scenes. It’s easy to take selfies and there are plenty of ways to play. This camera stimulates the desire of your daughter for photography. Get this pretty camera for your baby to make her feel special.”]

[amazon box=”B005AGHVYM” title=”10. Cute Small Unicorn Stuffed Backpack” description=”Great toy for kids as a playset. It’s a denim mini backpack with a unicorn plush toy. The plush toy is detachable. There is a compartment and zipper in the backpack. The animal stuffed unicorn will be a good friend on planes and travel. The backpack comes with a unicorn plush toy. It’s a unique gift to make your daughter smile.”]

[amazon box=”B07GKWLBN2″ title=”11. Magic Painting Writing Toy Mat” description=”Painting magic toy mat to draw more than once. The magic mat is nontoxic and makes your child explore the world of imagination and creativity. Your daughter can fill the pen, draw on the mat and it will disappear. The mat is an interactive toy and improves creative skills. It can be folded and taken for outdoor activities.”]

[amazon box=”B01DY818JG” title=”12. Exclusive Fun Board Game” description=”Mind challenging games improve the brain and skills of a baby. It’s a puzzle that is perfect for your pre-school daughter. It’s the best game as a fun toy and your baby can play with seven others. The game includes an extra Zingo card to make your daughter delighted. It will be a fun time for your daughter to enjoy with her friends.”]

[amazon box=”B091FZRLC6″ title=”13. Paint And Plant Flower Growing Kit” description=”A gardening set to plant, paint and create a flower garden by your kids. The pots can be painted. Your daughter can paint a fairy garden, a paradise of unicorns, and a dino world. Your baby can plant seeds and see the plant grow in front of its eye with proper care. It’s a complete flower-growing kit that your baby needs. It’s fun at the same time educational toy.”]

[amazon box=”B0871TCS2N” title=”14. Cute Pink Apron Cooking And Baking Set” description=”A complete cooking chef apron set. This set is fit for your daughter’s cooking needs. The chef kit comes in pink and white polka dots including a strap at the neck. It’s a perfect fit for your daughter. A hat cokes with the set. This set will give a realistic experience to cook like a cooker and baking foods. This set will encourage them for creativity.”]

[amazon box=”B07TVF82RL” title=”15. Colorful Ladybug Water Bottle” description=”Cool water bottle for fun. It’s a purple color bottle with sparkling glitter with a bracelet kit. It’s a personalized craft kit that will be enjoyable for your daughter. The glittery gem stickers are so pretty. The bracelet can be worn around the bottle. It’s an incredible water bottle to make your daughter happy. The wrapped box is amazing.”]

[amazon box=”B07FJZHTYV” title=”16. Colorful Crafts And Jewelry Making Kit” description=”Perfect set of beads for fun time and crafting. It’s a creative set for making bracelets, necklaces,s, and rings. There are more than 520 colorful beads in different shapes and designs. It’s a special gift for your five years old daughter. It will improve the creativity and imagination of your baby. It comes in a box and it’s hassle-free to take anywhere.”]

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Educational Toy Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B07H5HYW6Z” title=”17. Activity Mat Educational Toy ” description=”An activity mat to give fun for kids. It’s a set of duster cloth and dry erase markers. Your daughter will be engaged in the skills. Your daughter will learn solving problems, read, and write while playing with this set. Your daughter can play when it’s with you and it will strengthen the bond.”]

[amazon box=”B07Z38QXJF” title=”18. Colourful Flower Garden Building Toy” description=”The gardening set will be loved by your daughter as an indoor toy. It’s a beautiful set of different flowers like orchids, daisies, lilies, and plum blossoms. The flowers are made with harmless materials. Children have a chance to learn about flower plants. The flower and leaves are so colorful that your daughter will not be bored. It will improve their eye coordination.”]

[amazon box=”B09J4QSCGP” title=”19. Magnetic Castle Blocks Building Set” description=”Cute and soothing color magnetic building blocks to make a new castle. The colors will attract your daughter and develop her mind. Your daughter can build a castle with a smooth hand. Robots, rockets, houses, and meteors can be built with blocks. Magnetic building blocks make children creative and skilled. The colorful tiles and their shapes will develop the brain as a unique gift.”]

[amazon box=”B088FMYQV5″ title=”20. Letter Matching Game Learning Toy” description=”Educational toy set with colorful letters. It’s like a puzzle set with 52 colorful letters. While playing games with the letters, your baby will learn. The toy is made with cardboard. It comes in a storage bag. The set will develop the intelligence of your daughter. It’s a great way for your daughter to learn letters.”]

[amazon box=”B095JSHK2R” title=”21. Matching Letter Games Learning Toy” description=”Matching letters for fun with more interesting games. This toy set comes with counting cards and word cards. The word cards include fun, animals, traffic, fruits, and letters. The letters will improve communication skills and memory. Your daughter has to find a letter while spelling the letter. My arithmetic skills will be improved. The letter cubes are cute and vivid colors. This type of educational toy is recommended.”]

[amazon box=”B098B2XJJ6″ title=”22. Super Fun Smart Card Games” description=”Educational and exciting 50 card indoor games. It’s like a find and search game with fifty cards. The cards are easy to play with the instructions. It will be a super fun time for your daughter. Your daughter can play it in school. Baby will learn recognition of colors, shapes, emotions, counting, and numbers.”]

[amazon box=”B075WW3JKQ” title=”23. Educational World Globe” description=”An educational globe is the best way to learn and know about the world. It’s a fun and interactive toy the baby will learn about animals, maps, culture, and innovations. It will take your daughter to explore a journey around the world. It comes in a box including a flag, stickers, passport, stickers, and stamps. It’s an interactive globe to increase curiosity among children.”]

[amazon box=”B07YSVBYHW” title=”24. Hand-held Interesting Flashing Cube” description=”Electronic cube is one of the exciting games for kids. The cube comes with fun and adventure which develop the skills of quick thinking. The volume is adjustable and the lights are dazzling. Babies have to match the pattern of color. The light show can display the flashing lights. It will be an exciting gift for your loved one.”]

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Princess Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Daughter

[amazon box=”B0871W7JXB” title=”25. Princess Jewelry Elegant Dress up Accessories” description=”A set of cut and elegant jewelry for dressing up on a birthday. The set comes with a necklace, crowns, earrings, rings, bracelets, and high heel shoes which are dazzling. Your daughter will feel like a princess when she wears the accessories. The jewelry is shiny. She will spend hours feeling like a fairy princess. It’s a perfect gift for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B01N037GIU” title=”26. Princess Tent Shining Large Playhouse” description=”Playhouse like a tent for indoor and outdoor play. It’s designed like a castle to make your daughter feel like a dream come true. The cute tent has enough space for entertainment. It’s an excellent castle toy for kids. It can be taken in the yards, parks, beaches, and camps. It can be an amazing gift for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B07W1BFM9V” title=”27. Cute Princess Cooking Chef Set” description=”If you pick this set, your girl will be excited about baking and cooking. It’s a set of adjustable aprons and a hat. There is an educational storybook to make her learn the basics of cooking. In the storybook, there are safe cooking recipes for kids. The crown hat is designed with applique and a pocket. She will be excited about baking and cooking.”]

[amazon box=”B07F115M6Q” title=”28. Cute Unicorn Musical Jewelry Storage Box” description=”The whimsical design box creates happiness with spark. The musical box is designed with glitters, rainbows, stars, and unicorns. She can store her necklace, bracelet, and earnings in the box. The box is made with pine wood fiber to last long. Your daughter will be surprised to see such a unique sparkling box to store her jewelry in it.”]

[amazon box=”B07BZYL5F8″ title=”29. Princess Dress Up Deluxe Piece” description=”Make your daughter feel like a princess on her birthday. It’s a set of dazzling color enchanting four Disney princess dresses for your baby to make her look like her favorite princess character including Cinderella, Bella, Snow-white, and Aurora. The set comes with tops and skirts with bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and rings. It’s packed in a charming trunk. Perfect gift for Disney fans.”]

[amazon box=”B0120XRWLE” title=”30. Cute Pink Foldable Castle Tent” description=”Charming tent house to play indoor and outdoor to enjoy a fun time. When it’s an outdoor trip, it’s a perfect toy for shelter. The tent is decorated with glittery stars and hearts. This toy inspires kids to create and imagine. It’s easy to assemble and set up. It’s designed in a way that is kids friendly. The color is a combination of hot pink and baby pink.”]

[amazon box=”B07477HKFR” title=”31. Colorful Different Design Jewel Rings” description=”24 different designs and colors mesmerizing rings. Each of the rings is adjustable and the colors are soothing and charming. The rings are skin-friendly to wear. The rings come in a pink color box and your daughter can wear them on her birthday. Get this pretty charming box for your baby to make her a surprise on her birthday. Each of the rings is so pretty to wear.”]

[amazon box=”B06XQXMQFD” title=”32. Pretty Princess Purse Set With Accessories” description=”Princess purse set for stylish little girls. It’s a complete set of the purse where your daughter can keep everything including lipstick, face powder, money, car ring, and credit cards. She can take the purse while going shopping. There is a handle to carry and a shoulder strap. Your daughter will love to see the lipstick and blush and she will apply it to her face.”]

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Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Daughter That Aren’t Toys

[amazon box=”B093QJLDKH” title=”33. Paint Stoneware Flower Garden Kit” description=”Kids get a chance to paint a stoneware garden and grow colorful flowers like zinnia, cosmos, and marigold. It’s a set of stoneware trays, a pot, a paint palette, water bottle. It’s a fun project at the same time educational. Your daughter will learn about the plants and botany life cycle. She will love it because this kit gives her the freedom to draw and paint. She the beautiful flowers will grow, your baby will love it.”]

[amazon box=”B09KC42Q8H” title=”34. Unicorn Colorful Pop Purse Backpack” description=”The color of the unicorn pop purse is mesmerizing. It’s a cute colorful gift for girls. She can take it to parties and travel. It comes in a set of plush toys, a wallet, and a shoulder bag. The color is attractive. It comes in a shape of a kitty and can play with students. There is an adjustable chain with a pretty bag. She can use it as a backpack also.”]

[amazon box=”B08JTQDZ76″ title=”35. Unicorn Pencil Marker Set For Craft” description=”Unicorn theme marker set for unicorn fans. It’s a premium set of unicorns with four unicorn theme stickers. Your daughter will feel like a magical 3D world. Set of markers with fruit scent with four styles of pens. Your daughter can create several effects. It comes in a zippered case which can keep the markers organized. The set works with the unicorn app which your baby has to download from the play store.”]

[amazon box=”B08PF4T8W1″ title=”36. Dance Mixer Rhythm Mat” description=”A fantastic dance mat with rhythm with LED light. Kids who love to play video games will get w replacement. Your baby has endless chances for dancing. She can dance on three different levels. The mat can be folded easily and fits into the bag easily. The mat will entertain your baby most beautifully. The musical mat is a unique gift for your daughter.”]

[amazon box=”B095LT69HN” title=”37. Colorful Makeup Toy Beauty Set” description=”If your daughter is a makeup lover, it’s the perfect set to make her feel like a princess. It’s a full set with blush, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, and brushes. The fragrance of the makeup item is harmless. It can be stored easily. The colors are so pretty. She will find her favorite color. She can take the box for parties and birthdays.”]

[amazon box=”B09HZ6TX2J” title=”38. Unicorn Luminous Soft Plush Blanket” description=”Soft blanket for use in any season suitable for sensitive skin. It comes in shiny pretty pink color looking mysterious. The blanket can create a dreamy atmosphere in the room. In the darkroom, it gives a sparkling glow. The unicorns are gleaming and the stars give a soft light for sleep. Your daughter will be satisfied with this soft blanket.”]

[amazon box=”B08W461175″ title=”39. Rainbow Notebook For Arts And Crafts” description=”Girls love creative art books to make excellent crafts and arts. It’s a set of scratch art color papers, drawing stencils, and wooden styluses. With the vivid colors and patterns, your daughter will create a rainbow scratch. She can make art flowers, animals, and graphics to express her artistic thoughts. It will bring out her creativity and imagination. It’s the perfect gift for art lovers.”]

[amazon box=”​​B01LZH9VQU” title=”40. Dog Toy Play Set And Carrier” description=”A dog play set to make kids engaged for hours. The set includes a dog toy, tennis ball, food bowl, dog brush, and puppy doll. The imaginative set will develop cognitive skills. The toy set comes in a pink-cite bag so that kids can take the puppy anywhere they go. It will be a unique gift for your daughter.”]

Have you got your desired gift? Pick a gift that will introduce her to something new that she will love. We have put together the best gift ideas for you here. It’s an unbiased list of birthday gifts for a 5-year-old daughter to make you able to pick the right gift for your little princess.