Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her Feelings

120+ Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her Feelings

In every relationship, there are ups and downs. Sometimes your life partner can do anything wrong with you by mistake. Once you understand that it was a mistake, you have to confess that and ask for forgiveness. We have put together apology messages to my love for hurting her feelings here. It’s a collection of nice messages to ask for an apology. Write a small message to your love and make her happy again. 

Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her Feelings

I am feeling so sad for making it a situation to hurt you. My love for you is endless. There is no end to my love for you. I believe you and I know you will pardon. 

Darling, every single day you have helped me to win the battles of my life. I couldn’t control myself and become so crazy at that moment. I am extremely sorry for that. 

You can be mad at me. I have understood my wrongdoings. I have released that I have hurt you. Please give me a second chance to understand my loss. 

Hey, I am fully committed to you that I will never again hurt you like this. I will be understanding you from now. Listen to my words and be kind to me. 

I have realized that I will never be happy without you. I beg forgiveness from you. There is nothing better than patience and kindness in your heart. 

Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her Feelings
Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her Feelings

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I am extremely sorry for my mistake. I know I have disappointed you. Believe me that you are the best person in this world. I will always be by your side. 

Darling, my love for you is always real and I will try to keep every promise that I have given to you. Please forgive me, sweetheart. 

A person with a beautiful heart is the love of my life. I have disappointed you and I am ashamed of doing this. I am never going to do this again. 

The moment I hurt you, I lost the best blessings of my life. I am in love with your every flaw even. I am asking for forgiveness. 

I have made mistakes and consider them as my mistake. I know that I have disappointed you. You are the person whom I deserve. 

I felt unconditional love and trust for you from the day I meet you. You are the nicest thing in this world. Darling, I am asking you to pardon me. 

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How Do I Apologize to My Girlfriend for Hurting Her? 

Every single person has flaws. No one is perfect and flawless. We can’t be perfect totally. But can mend ourselves. If I have hurt you, I apologize to you for my mistake. 

I know that my love is humble. I can do anything for being with you. I have disappointed you and forgive me this time. 

If I have hurt your feelings, I am so sorry and I beg for pardon from you. I want that you stay in my life like a blessing. 

I know my love has a big heart. And this time you will forgive me for my mistake. It’s my mistake if I have done anything wrong to you. 

The person whom we love the most is the one whom we hurt the most. You are the person whom I deserve and love with my whole heart. 

The day I meet you is the day I found the love of my life. I can’t hurt you a single time. I know it’s my mistake and I never want to do it again. I am asking for forgiveness from you. 

The reaction that I have shown yesterday was my mistake but I didn’t want to hurt you. Please baby believe me. And I will never ever hurt you again in my life. 

I know that I was rude toward you and I have hurt you. I really didn’t understand what I should do with you. I will forever love you. This time forgive my mistake. 

The day I reacted to you is the day when I have done something wrong to you. It was the saddest moment for me. I promise you that I will change myself and start doing good for you. 

Your love for me is priceless. I am really sorry that I didn’t listen to you and did the wrong thing. I have understood my mistake and will not do it again. 

I really regret doing the wrong things to you. I feel incomplete now and am trying to be humble toward you. I am luckiest to have you. 

I don’t know how I will ask for forgiveness from you. It’s a grace that I have got you in my life and I will never hurt you again. 

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Apology Letters to My Love for Hurting Her

It’s the only way to express my apology to you. I am just writing this sweet letter to you to make you know that I am nothing without you. Accept my apology. 

Our bond is made with trust and love. It’s like a big mess that I have done with you. I am really unhappy to make you sad. I promise that I will not leave you disappointed. 

I am trying harder to be the best person for you. It’s because of your temper I have hurt you like this. Darling, I am asking for your forgiveness. 

You don’t know how much I am mad toward you. I have realized that I hurt you and it’s my mistake. Give me a chance to fix the painful situation. 

I am committed to you and I will never be rude to you. I will be really unhappy for you. Only you can make me feel happy. 

I am deeply asking for forgiveness from you. I can make you promise in front of thousands of people that I will never hurt you. 

Apology Letters to My Love for Hurting Her
Apology Letters to My Love for Hurting Her

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I realize now how much I have hurt you because I am deeply in sadness now. It took a lot more time for me to realize that I should not do anything wrong to you. 

I want to make you realize the sincerity of my sadness. I am floating in tears. I love all of those moments which I spend with you. 

I can move the mountains because of you. I want to see you happy at any cost. If I have hurt you with any of my words, I want that you may forgive me now. 

My thoughts make me sad every day every single moment. You are the person who corrected me at every step. I apologize for my wrong behavior. 

I regret that it was my mistake for saying the wrong words. But sorrow can’t make us apart. I want to get back you in my life. 

Darling, it’s the last time that I have done something wrong to you. I want to be with you forever. Please forget my mistake and let’s enjoy life together.

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Romantic Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her

For many years, you are the one who didn’t give up on any of my activities. No matter what happens, I will forever be in love with you. Forgive me for my mistakes.

I miss every moment that we spent together and shared our feelings. I ask for forgiveness from you. I know you will be kind to me.

Believe me that I didn’t intentionally hurt you. I have just done it like a mistake. Pardon my mistake and give me a chance to repair my mistakes.

For the last few days, I was so disheartened and sad because I hurt you which was my mistake. Darling please forgive me and count it as a mistake. 

I can’t imagine how a sweet person can love me like this. We continue to fight but we are committed to our dream. Pardon my mistake. 

Darling, we deserve to be the best couple in the world. You are loved with a big heart. Beyond everything I love you. Please don’t be sad till now. 

I confess that it’s my fault that I did a behavior like this with you. But I don’t want to hurt you. I know you have lost trust in me. 

Darling, I am ready to do anything for you at any time. If I had done anything to hurt you, forgive me without any explanation. I miss you a lot. 

It was unfair to you. The way I reacted to you, was my mistake. Your efforts are enough for me.

My actions were wrong toward you and it’s making me worried now. I want to correct myself and don’t want to lose you. 

Sometimes I think that your absence will make my life empty. It’s the most beautiful thing that happen to me. 

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Touching Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her

My love, I am extremely sorry for my mistakes. I feel empty inside my heart. I don’t want to end our relationship in this way now.

It’s a stupid mistake and I can’t forgive myself. I hope that you will keep on loving me. I find myself when I am with you.

Darling accept my apology. I want to stay calm in your arms only. You are the most understanding person that I deserve. 

I promise to stay with you always. I have chosen you to be my comfort. Sorry for the day when I ignored you. Accept my positive attitude. 

I trust in your love. I will do anything to be with me and sorry for my bad temper. I am in a situation where I am feeling so sad now. Accept my deepest apology. 

My sweet darling, I am in stress that I can do anything without you. The behavior that I have shown toward you is making me so sad. 

Touching Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her
Touching Apology Messages to My Love for Hurting Her

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I am deeply in sadness. I have realized that it’s breaking me into pieces. I promise you that I will not do it again in my life. 

I know that you will feel the sincerity of my apology. I wouldn’t hurt you like this. I remember every moment of love and care with you. 

I regret disrespecting you and making you feel sad. You are the most wanted person in my life. Please don’t be angry with me to create a distance between us. 

I really miss your smiling face now. I know that my apology can fix your heart. I am now staying with a broken heart. I apologize for my mistakes. 

It’s never wrong to beg for an apology from the one whom we love. My wrongdoings are making me sad now. 

I promise to myself to become a good human for you. I am terribly sorry for you. I can’t stop thinking of you. 

I am feeling like an idiot this time. I want you to trust me again. You already know my intention to make you delighted always. I trust you always. 

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