Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

60+ Adorable Baby Shower Wishes for Friend in 2024

If your friend is expecting a baby, then you should send her a baby shower wish. That’s why we are posting this ‘Baby Shower Wishes for Friend’ in this guide. These wishes are very sweet and cute. You will love them a lot. 

Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

Hey, I am overjoyed to welcome the new baby to the world. It’s going to be a new chapter of your life. I hope that it’s going to be a golden chapter for you.

Dear friend, you are going to feel unconditional love for your baby. It’s going to be half part of your heart. Your heart knows that you will love your child with all your heart.

Hey, no one can be happier than me as it’s your baby shower day. I have never thought that you would invite me. Thanks for making me a part of your celebration.

As it’s your baby shower day, I will suggest you read more books and articles on taking care of the baby. It’s helpful for motherhood. I can’t wait for more to celebrate your baby shower.

Baby Shower Wishes for Friend
Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

Nothing is more joyful for me as my little friend has grown up. enjoy every moment of the coming months. This time is so precious for you and you are never going to get it back.

Congratulations! It’s another new beginning. You are going to have all those things that you have wished for. I hope that you are going to be that amazing mother.

Oh, girl! I can’t wait any more to meet the baby. It’s just a few months to get all the happiness from heaven. Thanks in advance for inviting me to your baby shower day.

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Funny Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

Your sleepless nights are going to end. What I can see is you are changing the diapers of your baby and in a mess. Get ready with a ton of toys.

It’s going to be the last party before your baby comes to the world. Nothing can be greater than this gift. Cheers to the most beautiful days of your life.

Hey, I have got myself busy wrapping tons of toys. I hope that your baby will make your home happier. Congratulations for making us the proud aunt.

You can’t give the baby the moon, the sun, the entire world. But I hope that you see the entire world while you look at its eyes. You made it and congratulations.

I am going to be more and more excited every day to see the baby. I wish that it will be sweet, smart, and funny like its mother.

I am prepared with fancy shoes and cozy socks. I hope that your baby never stops smiling. I will be happy to hold it forever in my arms. Congratulations!

Mothers are like superheroes. They have the power like a superwoman to forget everything seeing the face of their baby. No doubt you will be the best mother dear!

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Virtual Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

Dear friend, I know both of you are prepared to witness the sleepless nights and see the baby sleeping at night. My joys knew no bounds. My heartiest wishes are to make the baby shower day beautiful.

A bunch of good wishes is coming on your way. This year is going to be magical for you. Your tiny baby has taken so much space in my heart.

Life is full of ups and downs but a mother’s love is always the same for the baby. Your baby is going to be the lucky one. I am so excited about your baby shower day.

I am counting days to be finally happy. I hope that your baby is going to be a healthy one. Cherish this time because it’s going to be filled with joy, smiles, and patience.

Virtual Baby Shower Wishes for Friend
Virtual Baby Shower Wishes for Friend

It takes a lot more patience to be a mother. It’s never easy to be that person who sacrifices everything just to grow up a child. Celebrate new life.

Dear friend, it’s never too late to congratulate you. I am delighted to know about your lifetime happiness. A lot of dreams are knocking at your door.

I wish that your home will be filled with joy, love, and bliss. You are going to bring a new life to the world and add something precious to your family.

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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card for Friend? 

Wow! Your small family is growing. I hope your next months are going to be full of joy and it’s going to be valuable for you. I can’t resist celebrating the baby shower day with you. 

God is going to send you the special gift wrapped in for several months. I know you will love this special gift with all your heart. I wish that God grants you good health.

As I am always confused to choose the best gift for you, this time I am totally confused to get the perfect gift for your baby shower day. I have something special for you on this day.

I can’t wait for more to see you smile. As your family is growing, I wish for a safe delivery and proper recovery. Lots of love from me for your little miracle.

Motherhood is going to be the best miracle. Cherish every moment until you become the mother. Enjoy your baby shower day with your friends to its fullest.

I am super excited to witness your baby shower day. I know your baby will fill your family with joy and fun. Life could not be more wonderful than having a baby for the first time.

It’s a wonderful experience for a lifetime. I still can’t believe that my childhood friend is going to be a mother soon. I am coming with all my friends to celebrate. 

Thank you so much for taking a look at these wonderful ‘Baby Shower Wishes for Friend’. We are sure that your friend will love them a lot.